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Therefore, if you want to physically remove a video file, you must contact the owner and hoster of the video. This site will automatically remove links and images from our site to deleted video.
If you still want to remove links and thumbnails on our site,then contact us for abuse on the page below. To remove content, you must send us a video url or thumbnail url in the email.

Each preview image(thumbnail) has a small icon (flag). Click the flag on the thumbnail of the video you want to report. There is also the same icon (flag) under the video. Click on it and follow the instructions

You can specify the following reasons for the report:

  • Too young performers in content
  • Violence/Rape in content
  • Shitting(feces ,excrement)
  • Sex with animals in content
  • Wrong category
  • Video has been removed
  • Other

For general questions and abuse, please e-mail us .